The unit of measurement of academic requirements is the academic point (credit). Credits are used for evaluating the performance of the academic and research duties of students in doctoral programmes. The doctoral student may earn academic credits by way of studying and passing examinations. A credit may only be assigned to a course that is evaluated on a five grade scale. The completion of the research credits shall be certified on the basis of the written report submitted by the doctoral student to his or her supervisor in each semester.

Doctoral students shall complete 30±3 credits per semester, and a total of at least 240 credits from the doctoral school’s list of courses during the entire programme. The number of academic credits required to be earned in the first 4 semesters is 16. The number of research credits is 224.

Upon the successful completion of the eight semesters of coursework, the doctoral student is given a pre-degree certificate (absolutorium). Obtaining the absolutorium is a precondition of the submission of the doctoral dissertation.

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